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ALTEON Specialist - Level2 Version 2023


Alteon Specialist is an intermediate-level, two-day, instructor-led or eLearning course designed to build upon concepts taught in Radware’s Alteon Professional training. As an eLearning course, audio modules may be completed individually and may take up to six continuous-hours to complete. Participants must also complete exercises in Radware’s virtual, hands-on lab, expect the hands on activities to take approximately six hours.

This intermediate-level Alteon training is for technical staff involved in the installation and maintenance of a Radware Alteon ADC switch, Series 4 to Series 8. The course introduces Radware’s ADC-VX environment and vADC configuration. Advanced server load balancing is discussed, extending information from the foundational course. In addition, content load balancing and full persistency beyond insert cookie is discussed. The course continues with AppShape++ scripts and device monitoring and reporting using automation. Elementary troubleshooting concepts are taught. For a deep-dive of troubleshooting issues, consider completing Radware’s more advanced courses.

Please bring your laptop to complete the hands-on lab exercises. All topics are explained in theory and implemented using hands-on lab exercises via remote access to a lab. Students will use well-known applications such as PDF Reader, VNC, Telnet, SSH and possibly other Radware-proprietary apps. Therefore, it is also important to have administrative rights on your laptop.

High-Level Course Preview

This course begins with instruction on Radware’s ADC-VX environment including introduction, administration, backup, restore & HA, and monitoring the ADC-VX.
This intermediate-level course builds upon concepts taught in the previous Alteon Professional course. Advanced Server Load Balancing expands on SLB instruction. Content Load Balancing instruction extends this further. Full Persistency offers in-depth persistency information beyond cookie insert.
Intro to AppShape++ Scripts offers an understanding of using scripts on the Alteon. Intro to Vision and Operator ToolBox provides an understanding of automation. Monitoring & Reporting features are also provided.
Elementary troubleshooting is also included: Troubleshooting Fundamentals and Troubleshooting Tools. For a deep-dive into troubleshooting concepts, participants should consider completing Radware advanced courses in troubleshooting.

Radware Hands-on Lab

In this intermediate-level course, all topics are explained in theory and implemented using hands-on lab exercises via remote access to a lab. Participants should complete lab exercises in tandem with learning modules. It is NOT advised to complete all learning modules before beginning lab exercises
Participants are automatically assigned to a lab when initially registered for this course.

In both the instructor-led and eLearning courses, participants use their own laptop computer to complete the hands-on lab exercises. Participants will use well-known applications such as PDF Reader, VNC, Telnet, SSH and possibly other Radware-proprietary apps. It is important to have administrative rights on your laptop.

Contenu du cours

Day 1


  • Day 1 * Learning Modules :

Alteon 500-101 Course Agenda
500-xxx Radware Certification
1. ADC-VX Introduction
2. ADC-VX Global Administration
3. ADC-VX Backup, Restore, & HA
4. ADC-VX Monitoring
5. Advanced Server Load Balancing

  • Day 1 * Labs to complete :

    • Introduction to Radware Lab

      • Access Alteon Lab Devices

    • ADC-VX Configuration

    • Server Load Balancing (full lab)

Day 2


  • Day 2 * Learning Modules :

6. Content Load Balancing
7. Full Persistency
8. Into to AppShape++ Scripts
9. Intro to Vision & Operator ToolBox
10. Monitoring & Reporting
11. Troubleshooting – Fundamentals
12. Troubleshooting - Tools

  • Day 2 * Labs to complete :

    • Content LB

    • Persistent LB

    • AppShape ++ Scripts

    • Vision & Operator Toolbox

    • Monitoring & Reporting

    • Troubleshooting

Hands-on Practical Exam Offered

* Formation distanciel possible :

  • de votre entreprise

  • de chez vous

  • de nos locaux à Sophia Antipolis (équipement Cisco Webex Board)

Nos formations sont accessibles aux personnes en situation de handicap.

Un questionnaire envoyé en amont de la formation invite les participants à nous contacter s’ils ont besoins d’aménagements spécifiques en lien avec leur situation de handicap. Nous nous employons à rechercher, avec les personnes concernées, les moyens de compensation qui leur seront adaptés.

Pour en valider l'accès merci de nous contacter


2 jours soit 14 heures

Prix public

4 175€ HT


  • sur demande

Public concerné

The primary audience for this technical course is system administrators, network administrators, and others responsible for the configuration and administration of the Alteon in a network environment.

Pré requis

Participants attending this training must have completed the following :

  • Radware Alteon Professional Certification


Training material provided for this course includes :

  • Alteon PowerPoint Presentations

  • Alteon Specialist Lab Training Book


On the final day of instructor-led training, a hands-on, Practical Exam is offered for those interested in achieving Radware Certification.


To earn Radware Certified Application Specialist-AL (RCAS-AL) accreditation, you must

  • Complete Radware Alteon Professional certification

  • Successfully complete learning modules.

  • Successfully complete hands-on lab using lab book exercises.

  • Pass the hands-on Practical Exam.

  • Successfully complete the Online Certification Exam. (pass 75%).

Benefits of Certification

  • Greater technical expertise to manage deployments

  • Improved systems integration and product performance

  • Credibility by reduced dependence on outside support

Profil formateur 

 Instructeur certifié par RADWARE

Délai d’accès 

Se référer aux dates figurant au planning

Évaluations et sanctions de la formation

  • Quizz intermédiaires 

  • Lab technique en fin de module

  • Évaluation de satisfaction via un questionnaire pré formation, à chaud et à froid

  • Attestation de présence et de formation 

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